Sin, shame, guilt, remorse, judgment, criticism and condemnation – these are elements that can dehydrate a person’s mind, body, and spirit to the point where they are convinced that their life is meaningless and of little value.  Yvette Wilson Bentley experienced this tragic, almost fatal form of dehydration until she had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.


In a candid, yet transparent manner, Yvette illustrates the meeting between the Samaritan Woman and Jesus’ meeting at Jacob’s well as an encounter that mirrors her personal experiences and demonstrates that that Jesus Christ is THE WAY to deliverance from any and all sin and that restoration is available to anyone through His precious gift of The Living Water.


Yvette invites you to learn of the Living Water and thirst no more!

May I present my newest publication,THIRST NO MORE: A WOMAN’S JOURNEY TO RESTORATION, which available on Amazon.com in Kindle ebook format.

Paperback version coming soon!  Stay tuned to this site for updates!

Thanks for your CONTINUED support!



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