The Journey Journal

I am pleased to present my latest publication, ENHANCING THE JOURNEY: The Journey Journal!
This year’s experiences in the publishing business speaks volumes to who I am today and who I want to be as I focus forward. There were many things that I learned as a new author which included things to do and then some things not to do!

The publishing of that first book is indeed a blessing because I have learned so many new things in the world of publishing, not to mention the great people that I have been able to connect with through book signings, community events, and social media.

I regard myself as a “working progress” and in my strive for excellence as an author, I made a decision to redevelop my first book, complete with new title, content, and a new cover (please see above).

ENHANCING THE JOURNEY: The Journey Journal is my latest work that I am EXTREMELY proud of! I am fortunate to have an AMAZING team who assisted me in developing this new project.


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