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Thicker Than Blood by Mary Finley

Thicker Than Blood is a captivating and riveting murder mystery that captures and hypnotizes the reader from the very beginning. With the exception of the beloved cop, Gerald Lamar, Jr., who is totally clueless and his sister-in-law, Bridget “Jet” Lamar, every other person has at least one secret that they have been harboring about the other players in this twisted and demented circle for many years.

Infidelity, murder, drug trafficking, dirty cops, lies, drug addicts, resentments and insanity create a dangerous combination of chaos, excitement and confusion – even lethal in some cases. When the smoke clears, the results are beyond belief to the story’s players as well as the readers, leaving their lives never to be the same.

This is a fantastic read and I am hoping that the author follows through with the sequel!Product Details

“Where Perfection Fails” by Tyora Moody


I found “When Perfection Fails” a very diverse and intriguing novel that is definitely a page turner from start to finish.  This story is the third installment of the Victory Gospel Series; however, Ms. Moody’s writing style has masterfully crafted three stories that can function quite well as independent stories as well as cohesive members of a series.

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