A human being and a plant have two things in common – they both need LIGHT and WATER to live!

Yvette candidly mirrors her personal experiences to the story of the Samaritan Woman. She shares how God’s light and His Living Water has helped her to build a new life, thereby having to THIRST NO MORE!



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Stories of Love, Hope and Faith line the pages of this spiritually uplifting anthology produced by bestselling author, Vanessa Miller.

Love. Hope. Faith. will take you on a journey toward your happy place. The contributing writers of this anthology pour out their hearts to deliver soul-stirring, Godly stories of triumph. The Love. Hope. Faith. anthology will touch your heart as it allows you to believe again.

Yvette had the privilege of joining Vanessa and a group of dynamic women as a contributing author in this compelling anthology.

In her story, From Trust-less to Trustworthy, Yvette states that she desired to,” become the type of ‘sister-friend’ I desired to have and trust. Though I had been to jail a few times, God’s grace kept me from going to prison, so I stopped stealing. No more stealing from stores. No more taking money out of purses, wallets and the like. I am no longer the two-faced friend. If we are friends, then we are and if we’re not, then unfortunately, we are not. I no longer act like a friend, if I am not. I asked God to help me demonstrate courtesy and respect towards them because after all, we’re children of the Most High!

Enhancing the Journey: THE JOURNEY JOURNAL is to create an interactive platform between the author and readers tha twill continue to enhance their spiritual journey individually and collectively!

“The spiritual journey is not a fleeting moment; rather, it offers longevity for the purpose to enhance one’s relationship with God that will guide them through the course of present life as well as the afterlife.”



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