​We have been called for a specific purpose and to complete a specific assignment.

The Lord has called us and He gives us the authority and the skills needed to carry out the assignment.  Of course, that’s hard to see if we are not connected with The Word. 

Remember our forefather, Moses? In the book of Exodus, Moses was uncomfortable with his speech, however, God gave him the voice needed to fulfill the task.

When we say we have God in our lives but speak to what we can’t do or don’t know how to do, we risk canceling ourselves out of His will. 

God gives us everything we need. Whatever He needs for us to have, He will see that we get it.  The problem with us as humans is we want what we want when want and the way we want it.  That’s now how it works.  

God sends angels to carry His messages and instructions to us.  As we read how He uses angels in The Word, He uses people in the same way.  I have missed blessings because my focus was in the wrong place.

Focusing too much on the MESSENGER can cost you your blessing because in doing so, you just might miss THE MESSAGE!