“Where Perfection Fails” by Tyora Moody


I found “When Perfection Fails” a very diverse and intriguing novel that is definitely a page turner from start to finish.  This story is the third installment of the Victory Gospel Series; however, Ms. Moody’s writing style has masterfully crafted three stories that can function quite well as independent stories as well as cohesive members of a series.

 By no means is “When Perfection Fails” your ordinary Christian-fiction novel.  In addition to the storyline surrounding the main characters, the Freeman family, there are several secondary characters with their own stories that possess as much depth and weight as the Freeman’s story such as Serena Manchester, an aggressive news reporter whose own unresolved personal issues contribute to the negativity that she experiences in both personal and professional relationships.  By the end of this story, a crime mystery is solved, family and personal relationships have been tested as well as those who are growing closer to God in the midst of their trials.

 Ms. Moody is a diverse and phenomenal author that leaves the reader craving for more and it is my personal hope that this series will soon birth a fourth installment.

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